We aren't sure who came up with the name Salt2Salt but it refers to the fact that in Minnesota they put salt on the roads all winter and it rots your car in no time flat.  Or so we thought. A week on the Salt Flats is worth 5 winters in Minnesota. So Salt2Salt made some sense. We don't think anyone else gets it.

In August of 2002, five of us went to Bonneville for Speed Week. It was so much fun we decided to return and run a 1953 Studebaker Champion with 185 CI Flathead Stude 6. The group grew and, in August of 2003, seven of us made the trek to Bonneville to do some more research. The goal was to go after an open record -- and remain friends while doing it. We were successful and both. By 2004 we were fielding a car and set a record with the little Studebaker 6. 2005 ended with a horrific storm that peppered everything with salt. We didn't set a record but we did get a performance trophey for our trouble. 2006 was big. We upped our record in Blown Gas Coupe and established a new record in Blown Fuel Altered Coupe. We took 2007 and 2008 off and in 2009, two of us bought out the remaining owners. Greg, Bob, & CT ran the car with a blown Ford Flathead in 2009, setting 2 records. In 2010 and 2011 Greg, Bob, CT, Digger, & Jim ran the car with a Stude V8 setting records in the F engine class.

The original core participants:
Mike Belanger
Eddie Bauer
Joe Helm
Greg Meyers
Mark Theisen
Bob Waitz

We lost Mike in 2008

The current team:
Greg Meyers
Bob Waitz
Digger Dave Molnar
Chris Thomas (CT)
Jim McCuan

Bob and Greg met years ago through their interest in Norton motorcycles. They also love all things Studebaker.
Digger had the misfortune of running into Greg, Bob, and Eddie at a Studebaker swap meet in South Bend.
CT was unlucky enough to be interested in motorcycles where he met Bob & Greg and then was foolish enough to buy a Studebaker v8 for his 34 Chevy.
Jim fell into the trap of buying a car from Greg.

A couple of other poor bastards that have blundered into our orbit are Bob Reining and Tom Fritz. Peter and Andrew got dragged in as well.