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August 05, 2009 - It's Alive!

As usual, we got it started for the first time the night before we leave for the salt...

A lot of people came out to help us. Don, Roy, Chuck, Shoe, and Brian really saved the day for us. And Tom Porter has been incredible. We will tell everyone who will listen that Tom did this (especially if we get arrested). Unfortunately I didn't get the camera out in time and missed getting pictures of Don and Roy. My apologies and I will correct that mistake when we get back.

There were all the usual problems when you start a motor the first time. It leaked fuel. Rather a lot. It leaked water. The starter wouldn't turn. The starter wouldn't disengage. The fuel pumps misbehaved. The carb leaked. Wires were on then off then moved then off... You know what I'm talking about. But in the end it all got sorted out and the darned thing sounds pretty good. We just need to take it for a spin to make sure the clutch and tranny are set up then put all the sheet metal on and caulk it up before strapping it to the car and driving to Bonneville. We should leave on Thursday afternoon.

Here are some pictures from the last couple of days. They will open in new windows so you don't have to see the video over and over...

Tom making plug wires
Greg in his office
Cutting braided fuel line to length
A welded lip to help the hose clamps seal
Greg takes a call at the office
The jumble that is the workbench
How we've crapped up the work area
Shoe, moving some wire while enjoying a Dr. Pepper
Shoe again
Greg, smoothing a fitting