August 2006

All packed up and ready to go to Bonneville.

But how did we get to this point? Just over a week ago we were still bolting parts on. Hey, I'm writing this a 1:09 AM, Thursday morning. We leave in 9 hours. I'm up way past my bed time and I am so tired I'm numb, but if I don't write this all now I might forget by the time we get back so here goes...

Wednesday, August 2nd:
Joe's wife drops by with their grand niece and grand nephew. Meanwhile, Ed works on the cracked grill. It ended up looking great but would crack the next day while being installed. Wade stopped by and helped set up and install the waste gate with Greg and Mark. Bob did some lettering on the car. When it was close we cranked the motor looking for oil pressure. It wasn't happening. Greg tried priming the oil pump while Joe spun the motor. Finally... what's this? Assembly lube from the oil pump? Hey, something's moving now, we have oil pressure! And then we had some cake because it was Bob's birthday.

Thursday, August 3rd:
The motor gets fired up and we take the car around the block.

Sunday, August 6th:
Road test. We toss the car in the trailer and take it to a secret location on the outskirts of St. Cloud for a pleasant little drive on some country roads. The car is completely assembled and looking good. We ran cars in front and in back since the race car doesn't have functioning lights or mirrors or, well good brakes or tight steering. Here's the view behind me. And again this time in the mirror. After 25 miles or so and a little checking and tuning, we had Joe make a high speed pass. Joe said it was a lot of fun. Oh, and Joe got a new car: 1, 2.
Here's a couple more pictures out the back window: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Monday, August 7th:
Mostly packing with light work on the car. Steve Brown built us this wonderful rack and box to hold our tires and parts inside the trailer! And there was more help as this friend of Ed's came by with a top carrier for the truck. With only one vehicle, we need the space!

Wednesday, August 9th:
Anyone who thinks they can do everything themselves is wrong. We've had so much help from our friends on this I don't know how we could have managed it all without them. Steve comes through AGAIN and makes this rack to hold the motorcycles! We love this guy. Bruce does a ton of work on the trailer. It was falling apart before he laid his hands to it. Finally it's all loaded except for the car. And at long last we roll the Stude out into the dark.