May 2006

A new seat bracket, rust control, and sod problems.

Some changes needed to be made to address the angle of the shoulder straps and how high the driver sits. Joe and Ed fabricated some brackets to remake the seat mount and Phillip welded them in.

At this point in the game we're just cleaning up the effects of last year's trip. Lots of stuff got sandblasted or had rust Mort applied to it and several items like the the transmission and scattershield got painted with that Eastwood stuff. That Rust Mort is great. Here, Joe applies it to the some problem spots. Note the Before and After.

The head got a little attention. Salt, water, gaskets, and fuel make a mess. Greg also did a little turbo assembly.

Phillip got a little homework. He's going to smooth the inside of the Turbo Regal manifold we use.

Sod problems: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Heavy rains moves the sod on the hill near Greg's house. Note the tire tracks the rain left as it moved the sod.