October 1, 2005

And we mean it!

We're done with this block for good. So if you know of a good 185 block, we should talk...

The assessment of the damage continues:

Cracked through to the water jacket, there was rust everywhere. The siamesed exhaust ports are particularly bad. It's easy to see the damage to the cylinders with the naked eye. And evidence of water in the oil drips out everywhere.

We're coming to the conclusion that the engine did NOT hydro-lock. We're thinking that the bolts here, just sheared off. We've been told they should have been shouldered bolts. If you look carefully at the what remains of the bolts it would seem to indicate that the engine torque sheared them off rather than an engine suddenly stopping sheared them...

Check out what's left of the bellhousing and clutch! And this used to be a really good part, I swear! Even the tranny got its nose snipped off! And can you believe what that salt does to your stuff?