July 27, 2005

Loaded up and off to the body shop!

Greg strikes a famous 'Loewy' pose after we load the car on the trailer. 'The difference is,' he points out, 'is that I actually worked on this car.' It was a good ending to a productive evening that saw us start the car over 2 weeks before our scheduled departure for Bonneville. Considering that last year we started the car the night after we had planned to leave, that puts us way ahead!

Joe finished the hump accomodating the new shift linkage needed by the 4-speed. We'll brush in some rust killing paint before we're done. I promise! We also got the radiator back with new inlets and outlets for the new cooling system. Joe traced out some grill covers then he and Kirk cut them out of aluminum. We'll need those if we decide to run in the altered class.

Mark spent some time working on the grill surrounds with some JB Weld and a grinder.

Finally it was time to push the car outside and try to start it. Everyone stood around as Ed cranked and cranked and cranked. A quick run to the nearest gas station netted us a gallon and a half of 110 Octane racing fuel for $4.399 per gallon. From left to right that's Greg, Mark, Ed (in the car), Mike Speidel, Dave Nichol, and Kirk.

The Sound of Power