May 18, 2005

Is he sucking or blowing?

He's blowing...I think... Anyway, this is just the very end of the evening so you can guess what must have lead up to this. Here, Greg adds a little umph to the atmosphere to help force some transmission fluid down the spark plug hole of our new head whilst Mike Speidel steadies the graduated cylinder. Previously we stood around waiting for the fluid to drip into the cylinder on its own but we got bored.

Before that Mike B. got out the precision measurin' tools and figured out how much pop-up the piston had. Prior to that, the lads mic-ed the bore and stroke And we started the evening off with a little cypherin' to make sure the valve would not touch the head.

In other news, Mike S. brought back the water pump with a fresh weld over the old hole. It was weeping a little fluid even after we JB-Welded it last year so Mike cleaned it up and now she's water tight. We use an electric water pump to circulate the coolant.

And here is a nice shot of the transmission adapter plate. We will try to bolt up a 4-speed to it this year since it is dimensionally identical to the 3-speed we used last year.

Oh, and how did all that blowing turn out? Crappy. We determined that the compression was too high -- around 9 to 1! I guess we'll have to get out the grinder... That will suck. And blow.