May 07, 2005

A trip to South Bend

As is our custom, we make the yearly pilgrimage to the holy land in the spring. This year we had the pleasure of visiting Digger Dave Molnar's shop -- right before it gets torn down for a hyper-space bypass. Dave, as you will recall, fabricated the intake manifold for our car and joined us on the salt last year.

Dave has been busy and if you think the intake he made for us was spiffy, you ain't see nothin'!

That picture at the top of the page is Dave's little project to supercharge a Stude 6. Note the cool control panel that lets you fire that baby up right on the test stand. We got to watch this engine run and make boost. It was incredible!

Here's the busy side of the engine with Mercedes Kompressor supercharger, custom intake and exhaust, and another view of the transmission adaptor plate.

A custom valve-cover plate says 'Studebaker.'

As the Germans say, 'Mit Kompressor.'

A view from the back.

The serpentine belt.

A better view of the transmission adaptor plate.

Another custom intake manifold fabricated by Dave.

Dave shows Mark Hagen and Ed Bauer another one of his exhaust manifold projects. They are works of art.