August 22, 2004

They say seeing is believing. Well, you will just have to settle for hearing... As I seem to have left my camera up in Waite Park...

But I remembered the tapes and after downloading a few freeware programs from the Internet, I was able to digitize the cassette tapes made with my trusty boombox at the starting line. When I get all my notes together I will post our 3rd run and explain some of the things you are hearing here but I wanted to get this stuff up on the net as soon as possible. For example, there are cars running simultaneously on the long and short course which can be a little confusing as you listen. Also, in Kurt Bloomberg's record run, there's an accident in the pits which you will hear on the CB.

Salt2Salt Qualifying Run This is a 6 minute audio clip of our first run. First off, you can hear Mark warming the car up at the line. We are running really rich and make a lot of black smoke during the run, much to the concern of the officials. Towards the end of the clip you can hear them discussing the reason for the smoke with Bill Taylor, the short course starter who came up and inspected our car as we were building it. It is about 6 meg in size.

Salt2Salt Record Run This is a 4 minute audio clip of our return run that got us the record. It is about 3 meg.

Pantera Kid Record Run This is a 3.5 minute audio clip of Kurt Bloomberg's Pantera Kid record run. Kurt is the nephew of Dave 'The Avanti Kid' Bloomberg. Kurt became a member of the fabled 200 club for setting a record over 200 MPH. This is no easy task. And you get to where the Red Hat. This clip is about 3 meg in size.

The Immortals We loved these guys. They have a couple of Stude V8-powered hotrods. One is a 34 roadster, the other is a sedan of some sort. They use the 34 as their push vehicle.