August 10, 2004

36 hours to go and we're still doing this kind of stuff!

It's Monday night. We leave Wednesday morning. Ed is making some brackets to mount the control panel on the transmission hump. We still haven't received the fire suit or window net. And we still haven't fired the motor. This is the last update I will be able to make until we get back so you'll just have to use your imagination a little.

Yet again, no time for amusing stories or clever web design -- just short descriptions...

  • Greg's Airbox (that he was just cutting out in the last update). Wow, is this ever cool. It fits right under the stock hood and the duct leads off to a remote air filter.
  • The radiator is here. We had it made smaller than the hole since a) we're only going 5 miles at a time, and b) we wanted to use the gap for cool air for the air cleaner. Cool is a relative term. 90 degrees is cool out there.
  • The waste-gate and extinguisher nozzle next to the turbo.
  • The exhaust pipes have been finalized. The big pipe is from the turbo outlet. The smaller pipe is the vent from the waste-gate.
  • Jon helps Kirk bolt on the front sheet metal.
  • The air cleaner installed next to the radiator. This was an off-the-shelf item available at Checker or Napa. We picked it up last night 30 minutes before the auto parts store closed.

    If we can get a little computer access out there, we'll try to send word on our progress, but after tonight I won't be able to update this site until I get back. If you make it to Bonneville look us up.