August 9, 2004

Roger's son takes a turn behind the wheel...

All kinds of little details are being finished up. Time is very, very short. As of Sunday night we have not yet fired the motor. Heck, we haven't even got a radiator yet. And we sure hope the window net and fire suit get here tomorrow! We plan to leave on Wednesday.

Again, no time for amusing stories or clever web design -- just short descriptions...

  • Greg's Throttle Linkage. Here it is with 2 return springs installed.
  • Joe's Steering Shaft Seal using tadpole gasket.
  • The fuel pressure regulator.
  • Greg's fresh air intake on the driver's side window and the vent out on the rear passenger's side window.
  • Tach and boost pressure with fuel pressure outside the glass.
  • Gee, I wonder what THIS does?
  • Mark's Roof Rails (on the roof, get it?)
  • Greg works on the toe strap. The rules are that you need 2 return springs on the throttle AND a strap to pull the throttle closed with your foot.
  • Bill makes some tail light lenses out of red plastic harvested from a Continental.
  • A shot of the gas pedal before toe strap installation followed by a test fitting.
  • Bob's sand blasted heads that need a quick trip to the machine shop for a magnaflux and surfacing (Thanks, Gord!!).
  • Roger's Exhaust gets a test fitting. It will exit the car just behind the right front wheel.
  • Greg welds some angle iron to protect the brake lines in the plane of the clutch.
  • Mike and Joe's super-stout clutch pivot braket probably won't flex a bit.
  • Here's the scatter shield as seen from below.
  • Another shot of the fuel pumps and filter.
  • Mark got the rear shocks and spring perches finished up.
  • Greg, Joe, and Ed hold a quick 'strategery' session.
  • No, it's not Wonder Woman's belt. It's the air intake for the engine.