July 21, 2004

Once again we take a page from John Bridges book, Studebaker's Finest, and employ the actual methods used in the Studebaker factory to fit the front fenders on the early 1953 production coupes. In this scene Mike operates the jack as Ed gives it a few shots with the hammer. It must have worked because after some liberal shimming and a little grinding, she fits like a glove. We've got the radiator support in and someone will be coming over to measure us up for one.

Kirk was hard at work cleaning up the fenders after Dale gave them a good going over with the DA. Don't forget to wear those safety goggle, folks!

And don't forget the details. For the clutch to work smoothly, this little item better be true. All the seams better be sealed like This and This. And don't forget the Tadpole Gasket to seal off the steering wheel shaft.

Then, after (or in the middle of) a hard night of work, don't forget to have a Strategy Session.