Early April Update: 2004

(The Cage is In! No foolin'!)

When you start taking a car apart, it seems like a lot of progress is being made. Then there's that long lull in which things are happening but it isn't really apparent that you are getting anywhere. Then there's times like this: The roll cage is in and the body is on for good. We might actually finish this thing! And if we do, and crash it, we might not get killed! What could be better than that? The roll cage is a work of art and that artist is a guy from Saint Cloud by the name of Bill Moliter of M&L Welding. Greg took a ton of pictures and forwarded them to the SCTA to make sure we were doing this right -- when I get a chance I will publish a gallery of these detail shots. But enough of my fancy words. Here are a bunch of detail pictures of his work: (note that the driver's seat is sitting on the passenger's side)
The passenger's side
Rear strut on the driver's side
The passenger's as seen from the trunk
A view of the triangulation near the driver's head
A view from the rear
The firewall now in place between the passenger compartment and the trunk
A cardboard pattern for the hole made in the floor
A cardboard pattern for that rear strut on the driver's side
Joe cuts the steel plate to fill a hole

But it wasn't all sparkless. Here's Joe making some fine sparks with the plasma cutter as he notches the back firewall so that it fits nice and snug with the cage.

Finally, here's some pictures of the engine with a turbo mounted getting a manifold test-fitting: 1, 2, 3