March 3rd, 2004

The test fitting was a success. All the bolt holes lined up and only a few more cuts were needed to open up the driveshaft tunnel enough to clear the scattershield and the shifter. We lifted the body up on to jack stands made out of rollers from Ye Olde Paper Mill. Apparently when they took that place down, everyone bought up the scrap and made stuff out of it. Well, the body was heavy and there were only 4 of us to do the heavy lifting -- Ed was still sore from a snowmobiling mishap. Here's a side view. We finally got our first good look at the underneath of the trunk area. It was in surprisingly good shape considering that it was over 50 years old and spent a lot of time in a swamp.

The purpose of lifting the body up was to paint a couple of quarts of Rust Bullet on the underside. After it was up in the air we decided, on a whim, to pull the rear fenders off just to make sure we could protect those surfaces from what would surely be a high-pressure salt attack once the car was rocketing across the salt flats -- and it was a darned good thing we did as both the driver and passenger sides, while in good shape now, would be turned into swiss cheese in no time flat. There's just no way, even spraying the Rust Bullet, that we would have adequately reached those areas. The passenger side showed some evidence of collision repair but the fenders themselves were like new and probably worth the price of the car alone. Ed and Greg scampered underneath and gave her a quick coat of paint. That stuff was powerful and I think they are probably still dizzy from it. A second coat will get sprayed on before the body is dropped back down.

Other projects that got attention were:
Mark finishing up the transmission mount. Here he's making some sparks as he cuts down a piece of steel to weld to the crossmember. And here he's test fitting it.
Greg spent some time with the plasma cutter taking out a bad corner on his heavily-modified oil pan. Note the extra-large reservoir he's added.

Whoa -- just got off the phone with Greg who tells me that the lads were hard at it this morning (March, 6th) and have sprayed a second coat of Rust Bullet. Greg reports that it dries as hard as a rock. They've also made arrangements to get the roll cage built to Bonneville specs as soon as the body is back on the frame which may happen next Wednesday (March 10th)! And I've ordered the fuel cell (8 gal.), mounting kit, and quick disconnect steering wheel.