December, 2003

As the temperature hovers near zero on a December night in Minnesota, Mark and Eddie dream of the hot white stuff.

Lots of work is going on at the shop. Eddie has been working on the front fenders. Here he is lining up a metal panel to replace the rust he cut out of the left front fender.

Here are some closeups of the frame in its current state. The engine is a core we had laying around with the good transmission hooked up to it so we can get everything lined up. Note Eddie's '54 Coupe in the background of several of the pictures. He swears he drove this bad-boy in high school. Well, it's got a 289 in it this time!

  • This right front view shows the Hawk front brakes Eddie had laying around.
  • This view shows the boss shifter located new in the box at the Back to the 50's swap meet! Also note the slick transmission adapter.
  • What kind of differential should we use? A 9-inch Ford, of course! With new leaf springs, no less!
  • Steering is a via the standard Stude box and wheel.
  • A straight on view of the kingpins and springs.

    Mark and Joe bent and installed all the brake lines then put 4 spares wheels and tires on so we could get it off the jack stands. Bob cut and drilled a piece of plate to blank off the old fuel pump. Greg welded a tube to it to be used as an oil-return for the turbo. Eddie and Greg also fabricated a bracket to mount the alternator.

  • Joe and Mark bend up and install some brake lines.
  • Greg uses the power band-saw.
  • Greg swings a big hammer after Eddie heats the bracket.

    Some pictures of Greg's brand new MiniCooper S. That makes 2 factory supercharged vehicles in his garage. I swear, we need to get him a license plate frame that says "My other car is a Supercharged Avanti. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9