July 23, 2003

Time is running short, and we still have much to do, however, we HAVE made some progress. The body will be done, hopefully tonight, and will be ready for remounting on the chassis. Ihor and Alex and Ed have the front end back together with new parts and have installed the drum brakes. The rear housing is done, with axles etc. and is waiting at Wally’s ($700). The transmissions are done and the shifter has been installed. The clutch was rebuilt with heavy duty parts ($133) and the flywheel is resurfaced (it is cast steel). Digger is done with the intake and exhaust manifolds which were somewhat redesigned and gusseted. The cams and pistons arrived from Ted Harbit ($600) and Tom says the short block will be done in two weeks. Mark has rebuilt the carb. The oil pump set-up got way-layed and Greg will have to get a new machinist to make the shaft. We are meeting tonight for further discussions about whether to run or watch this year, and whether to bring the car itself out. We are close, but maybe not close enough for a well set up car. Maybe World of Speed or El Mirage?

[NOTE: The body was not done in time and is, as of December 12, 2003, still not mounted on the frame. The decision was made, when it became apparent that we would not have the car ready for Speed Week 2003, to take a lot more time on the body work and make sure EVERYTHING is right as it goes together. This may turn out to be the best thing to happen to this project. The body will be BEAUTIFUL when complete and the lessons we learned on the tech line will serve us well. We saw one team have to re-weld their entire roll cage on the salt -- or not race! Nobody "breezes" through tech the first time, but we will be very well prepared.]