June 9, 2003

The frame is sandblasted 1 2 3 4 5 , front end is almost done and the rear-end is being finalized. Joe and Mark think a single spring on each side will be just right and should bring the rear down 4". Fred Case has obtained the LSR tires. We are locating some SEMA approved 4.5" wide 15" rims. We still need a seat and fuel cell and electric fuel pump. We probably have enough fire extinguishers. The cams are designed and are off being ground. We have also ordered Ross forged pistons at about 8.5:1 with 1/16" rings and these will be ready at the end of the month. Tom has worked the crank and sent it off for grinding. He is putting the guides/seals and valves in. The trans adapter is done. The clutch will sit on a special bushing over the trans input shaft. This will be made by Digger Dave. He will be doing the finish welding on the intake setup, which Greg will be sending him shortly 1 2. The carb is done. Most of the body has been stripped. It will get a little sandblasting work done and then some minimal body-work before being placed back on the frame.

[Greg: I'm looking for the pictures from this section. Can you help me out? Bob]