May 5, 2003

Ed, Bob, Mark Hagen and I [Greg] left late Thursday night for South Bend. We drove thru till we arrived at opening time at SASCO. The swap was in full swing with all the regular players. We scoped it out, and met with Dave Thiebault, a Stude supplier of standard and performance parts. He heard about our project and very generously donated a chrysler modified distributor for the Champ! Had some breakfast and headed for the fair-grounds where the other half of the swap was taking place. We met up almost right away with Digger Dave Molnar, proprietor of a machine shop in nearby Mishawaka. I have been bench-racing with Dave since we found common interest in blown Champ sixes last year. 1 2 3

He has been fabricating exhaust systems for these, and is now quite excited about our project, and would like to become part of the "team". He will be co-designing the exhaust system with Tom Porter, and may be helping us in other ways. He thinks my exhaust manifold/turbo adapter is skimpy for the long haul (and I agree). I will need to work on a more robust version after we mock up the engine (he offered to nickel weld it once I settle on the design). He also gave me a chrysler 2.2 turbo valve he had modified for intake on his Champ. I will pass this sample on to Tom. He also provided some flathead hex socket screws for the tranny adapter plate. I expect he will be joining us at Bonneville. Welcome him! 574-255-5303

Met with Ted Harbit. He had two throw-out bearings and all the parts to rebuild the front end for us. He has very generously offered to have a camshaft reground to our specs for the cost of shipping! I will get the specs from Tom or arrange for Tom to talk to the grinder. Ted, if you donít know, is probably the most successful Stude racer on the strip. He is very "Stude-wise" and is THE man to see about rebuilding your Stude V-8 or supercharger. He is the most reasonable for engine parts, whether standard or performance.

The Reinings, some Stude folks from Delano (763-972-2218) saw our Lake Street Surf & Drag Association jackets and, after talking about the project, donated $20 to the cause. Bob R has free run of Sonny Litvinís immense old car yard in Delano. This yard is "not on the list" and has not been so picked over. Big Thanks to them!

We were able to find an extra oil pump gear/shaft ($25), some engine paint ($12) and a pile of very helpful early Datson issues of Total Performance which discuss many questions we are grappling with. Bob has these. Phantom Auto Works has come up with a front end kit which includes A-arms and rack& pinion steering to bolt on the front of the Stude 865-525 6025 which they sell for $1800. Not sure it includes the brakes and bar. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

The trip was fruitful also in terms of personal purchases for each of us. We spread the word about our project, and it was surprising how many people knew about it!

The frame is ready for sand-blasting. Ed will trailer it over to St. Steven and then we will use the paint that Joe has to paint the frame. We may wish to disassemble the front end and rear the rest of the way before it is painted. Need to discuss this.


More frame pics 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Master cylinders mounted on 53í firewalls 1 2

Example of Clifford 6 cylinder manifold from a 300" Ford 1 2 3 4 5

Mock-ups of trans/clutch/engine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

[Yes, I'm aware that a lot of these picture links are broken. I am still trying to find some of the pictures and will have them fixed shortly.]